Rumor – Coach Avery Johnson, FIRED

Word is that the Brookly Nets have fired Coach Avery Johnson.

This is still somewhat surprising, despite their recent tailspin into a 14-13 record. It should be pointed out that both Deron Williams and Joe Johnson have been less than stellar this season. Check out this quote given by Johnson just a few days ago:

“Let me give some real rocket science right now. Listen to this: at some point, after I  signed on as a coach, when I signed on the dotted line, a couple of things are  going to happen at some point: One, I’m going to get fired.  Two, I’m going  to resign. Three, I’m going to re-sign. One of those three things happens to  every head coach in this league. Two of those three we have no control  over. So what we do is we continue to do our jobs. I think the best thing about  jobs is when we have adversity, or when we have setbacks, as a coach we continue  to lead with passion. … That’s what these times are all about. At the end of  the day for every coach, one of those three things are going to happen. So right  now, what I’m really concerned about is us playing good basketball. So until  ownership tells me otherwise I’m going to continue to do my job.” - Coach Avery Johnson

Expect P.J. Carlesimo to become interim head coach in the meantime.