CP3 Has Handles Better Than YOU – VIDEO

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Kevin Garnett Calls “Bullsh*t!” – VIDEO

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Brook Lopez Out Against Knicks Tonight

That sprained right foot is still bothering Lopez, who was originally day-to-day. That will be 6 games that he will have missed with this injury.

A shame, Brooklyn is going to miss his interior presence with Chandler grabbing boards.

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Anderson Varejao Likely To Be Traded

This has an interesting twist to it.

Not only are the Cavs willing to let go of Anderson in exchange for a couple of younger players, Varejao’s camp as stated that he too, wouldn’t mind a trade as long as it’s to a contender.

Varejao has been playing some of the best basketball of his career. And he’s notorious for being gritty and energetic, a perfect catch for a serious title contender looking to beef up their bench.

Expect this trade to happen on or by the trade deadline in February.

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LeBron James Tries Defending Old Man Wade, Makes Matters Worse

Dwyane Wade is old, well, he’s 30 but he’s playing old. His athleticism has declined and he’s lost a step. It’s nothing to be ashamed of but it explains his mood swings on the court and his transition from legit game to playing dirty like an old man at the Y.

And it started a couple of seasons ago, became apparent during the playoffs last year and is flat out obvious this season. So when Charles Barkley started pointing out the obvious (as Charles Barkley normally does) it seemed to hurt the feelings of the Miami Heat players. Barkley simply said that Wade needs to learn how to properly adjust his game since he’s no longer able to do some of things his body let him, earlier in his career.

LeBron James felt the need to defend Wade, aimlessly.

“It means Charles Barkley needs to shut up. I mean, the man is shooting 80 percent from the floor the last couple of games. That’s like, crazy, right? That’s why he is who he is. Unbelievable.” – LeBron James

I mean, Wade’s numbers have declined. I don’t really see what LeBron is trying to do with this statement, other than make himself look like he’s in denial as well.

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OJ Mayo Calls Out Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins has issues. We’ve known that. Last night he escalated s**t with OJ Mayo AND Coach Rick Carlisle. OJ pretty much shut down the kid Cousins in his post game interview on what happened during the game:

“Man, I was so pissed. It’s just, where does that come in in the game, you know what I mean? He’s a talented player, has a chance to be an All-Star. But you do stuff like that, it takes you down a class. That guy has some mental issues, man. He’s a talented player. He has an opportunity to be the face of that organization, but I don’t think he wants it. …He’s immature, man. Big maturity problem. Hopefully, he’ll grow up out of it and become great. He definitely has the talent to.” – OJ Mayo


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Carmelo Anthony Schools Some Kids On The Court – VIDEO

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Amir Johnson Admits He Was “Childish” Last Night


This was weird. Some OCD stuff going on during the game, which is fine, but Johnson really let it go too far. Afterwards Amir had this to say about the incident below:

“I think [it was childish] between both of us. We were both wrestling with the ball. That was kind of childish. We both either could of let it go or anything. That part was childish. Plus, on my part for reacting that way. I think it was just real childish. It was something that didn’t need to happen. I lost my cool. I apologize on that part. I’ve never been kicked out of a game before or been teed up like that.” – Amir Johnson


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