Dirk Nowitzki In A Music Video Is Just As Bad As You Think

This dude is Flula Borg, and I have no fucking clue A)what that means, B)what a “flula” is, C)why they’re ripping off the Rolling Stones in the worst way possible, D)if “borg” refers to Star Trek, and E)why the hell Dirk Nowitzki jumps in the car. That’s a lot of questions, it’s true. And even more if you consider I just don’t care. Enjoy and discover for yourselves. (via terez)

Nate Rob Signed A Baby

LeBron And Robin Thickes Wife

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That’s Right, Nate Robinson Signed A Baby

For everyone playing the “What won’t Nate Robinson do?” game, we can cross the next thing off the list. This is at Vegas Summer League, by the way. And it wasn’t even 12 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again – Nate is the best. (via Deadspin)

Jay Pharoah Does Jay Z At ESPYS

The Hornets Are Back!

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Jay Pharoah Impersonates Jay Z At ESPYS, Kills It

I’m a sucker for a good impression, and it doesn’t get any better than Jay doing Jay. The whole thing’s hysterical (as is his litany of other stuff – Denzel is a personal favorite), but when he gets under someone’s skin, that’s about the top of the top. Check out Puffy at 34 seconds…dude is not amused. Or, maybe he is. Who knows with plastic surgery these days. If a tuxedo can mask his lack of talent, a few snips to the cheeks can absolutely hide a smile, right?

Jon Hamm Hams Dwight At ESPYS

Draya Michele Looked Great At ESPYS

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The Charlotte Hornets Are Officially Back

And with the first correct decision of Michael Jordan’s ownership, the Charlotte Bobcats will officially become the Charlotte Hornets, effective in 2014. It’s a great day, and one my teal-and-green-starved eyeballs have waited for for a while. The team is hosting a celebratory event today, featuring appearances by Muggsy Bogues, Rex Chapman, Dell Curry, Kendall Gill and Kelly Tripucka. Amazingly, they were all still available. Who knew.

LeBron And Paula Patton

RGIII Scandal Erupts

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LeBron Couples Up With Robin Thicke’s Wife

This is from last night’s ESPYS red carpet, where we find LeBron dressed like a movie theater usher and Paula Patton looking timelessly hot. If only he would take off those glasses and show me to my seat, I’ve already got my popcorn and really don’t want to miss the previews. Come on, LeBron! I’m so excited for Elysium!

Draya Michele Looked Great At ESPYS

Nelson Mandela Loves The Pistons

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Draya Michele Looked Fantastic Last Night

We continue to love Draya Michele here at Menudo. This is her last night at the ESPYS, and her photo shoot beforehand. It is funny to take photographs before walking a red carpet with 100 photographers waiting to take your picture. But hey, I’m nitpicking. If she wants to own the rights to the only wedding dressed girl selling bath lotions door to door (or whatever the fuck that is in the upper corner), be my guest.

Drayas Got Ass For Days

Basketball Wives Star Tweets Crotch Pic

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Nelson Mandela Is A Pistons Fan On His Bday

It’s Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday today, and few people know this but he’s an avid Bill Laimbeer fan. Or at least he was, back in 1989. That vintage jacket is money, as is the corduroy hat. Happy big one, Mr. Mandela. Celebrate like the baller we know you are.

RGIII Scandal Erupts

Mark Cuban Is Not Happy

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RGIII Sexts Hooters Waitress On Wedding Day

So look, this is supposed to be a basketball site. But this story is about to be everywhere, so we just can’t help but mention it. According to BustedCoverage, Robert Griffin III was sexting a pretty hot Hooters waitress behind his bride-to-be’s back. But not just on any old Tuesday or Wednesday or Presidents Day. This was on his WEDDING day. “That son of a bitch pig!” said every english speaking woman on the planet just now.

Screen shots of the texts (including that one above to the right, where he’s showing off his 6 pack) have hit the web, but the big ones, including apparently a dong pic and other suggestive texts, are currently up for sale. You’ll certainly be hearing more about this throughout this coming weekend, and probably for the next 10 months. Personally, I’ve already started a list of jokes. But I can’t show you yet. I’m waiting to sell them to the highest bidder from my Hooters hostess stand. Keep it classy, Robert.

(read the rest of the story here)

Paul Pierce Made The Celts Trade

Jon Hamm Lights Up Dwight

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