LeBron James Tries Defending Old Man Wade, Makes Matters Worse

Dwyane Wade is old, well, he’s 30 but he’s playing old. His athleticism has declined and he’s lost a step. It’s nothing to be ashamed of but it explains his mood swings on the court and his transition from legit game to playing dirty like an old man at the Y.

And it started a couple of seasons ago, became apparent during the playoffs last year and is flat out obvious this season. So when Charles Barkley started pointing out the obvious (as Charles Barkley normally does) it seemed to hurt the feelings of the Miami Heat players. Barkley simply said that Wade needs to learn how to properly adjust his game since he’s no longer able to do some of things his body let him, earlier in his career.

LeBron James felt the need to defend Wade, aimlessly.

“It means Charles Barkley needs to shut up. I mean, the man is shooting 80 percent from the floor the last couple of games. That’s like, crazy, right? That’s why he is who he is. Unbelievable.” – LeBron James

I mean, Wade’s numbers have declined. I don’t really see what LeBron is trying to do with this statement, other than make himself look like he’s in denial as well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1370311919 Daniela Gonzalez

    wade sucks, we have all known this for some time. the heat are 17-1 with him on the bench the past two seasons. that’s a fact; not an opinion. wade can’t even make a wide open shot. what a bum. poor lebron. no help again.