Guess Who Punked The Miami Heat Now?

Reality seems to be hitting Miami straight in the teeth these days.

First the Wizards, then the Knicks’ bench…..and now…..the Golden State Warriors are the latest squad to lay the beatdown on Miami.

They’re 15-7 and a legitimate playoff contender. All while still  missing their star center, Andrew Bogut. Give Mark Jackson alot of credit for the Warriors’ success, he’s definitely getting the most out of this team.

But last night was something special. The Warriors flat out beat the Heat. Everyone was healthy and on the floor, Wade, Bosh, LeBron, all there. LeBron actually did his signature choke at the end and chucked up a brick in attempts to save the game.

But let’s make this game about the Warriors and not the Heat. This is a team that’s been under the radar and deserves some attention out West, and to think, Bogut isn’t even playing yet.