Fan Pledges $1 Million Dollars To Prove LeBron Can’t Dunk

LeBron is a mediocre dunker at best, in fact his height and strength won’t allow him to be a “bad” dunker. But that’s where it ends. He has no creativity or really no athleticism once his feet leave the court, it’s no secret. Which is why he refuses to enter a dunk contest, because if he loses (which he would) his marketing image will drop significantly. He will no longer be that mysterious superhuman Nike and Maverick Carter have made him out to be.

Well now someone wants to call him out on it and is willing to pony up the money to force LeBron into a real decision. Chris Thomas is trying to raise $1,000,000 (through to donate to LeBron’s charity if he just enters  a dunk contest.

This is absolutely hilarious. Cause now LeBron’s fear will be unveiled, forcing him to look dishonorable by scoffing at charity or forcing his inability to dunk, to be exposed.

Kudos to you Chris Thomas.