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Even Kobe has to take a few days off…..or does he. Menudo will be down the next few days, but don’t worry – we’ll be back soon! Thanks for your patience y’all, keep ballin.

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Hot Sportscaster Gets A Little Touchy Feely

This is Crystal Marie Denha, a sportscaster and actress out here in LA. Not really sure whether this was planned (of course it was) or if she got the ok to make this public (my guess is no) but I think we can all agree that we’re happy she did, and she deserves some kind of medal. Not a gold, I’m not that easy. But maybe like, tungsten? That’s a good ore. And I love ore.

LeBron Has 24 Hour DJ

NBA Ref Gets JDATE Billboard

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LeBron Has His Own 24-Hour DJ

In a monument to unbelievable decadence, we learn a fun fact today – LeBron James employs his own 24-hour DJ in his hotel rooms. I wanna hate on the guy, I really do. But this is…this is kinda baller. I mean, if I had the money I’d probably be doing the same thing. Why the balls not, right? Well done, Bron. You’re doing it right.

LeBrons Hair In Pictures

LeBron To Play Beethoven In Game

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NBA Ref Gets JDate Billboard In Times Square

Gotta give Deadspin their props on this one – JDate is generally off my radar, I don’t care how big the billboard is. But this is NBA ref Marat Kogut and his wife Mariana, and because they found love on the biggest Joo Dating Site On Earth, they get the biggest wedding picture ever on Earth. Well done, you two. Here’s wishing you many happy years, and a big spike in the NASDAQ today.

LeBrons Hair In Pictures

Kyrie Shines For Team USA

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LeBrons Hair In Pictures

And in 2020, it will be on his lower back. Like a tramp stamp. Sexy.

See, I always thought the headband was holding ON the hair though. Man, I have so much to learn.

LeBron To Play Beethoven

John Wall To Sign Max Deal

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LeBron To Play Beethoven On NBA 2K14

LeBron James will grace the cover of the upcoming NBA 2K14 this year, but 2K Sports has announced that the recent world champion will also have another role on the release – music curator. “2K is letting me take control of some important elements in NBA 2K14, including this year’s soundtrack. I love that I’m the first NBA 2K cover athlete to choose the soundtrack.” It’s always good to be the first. May I suggest a mix of 70s bluegrass and 90s mood rock?

John Wall Jams on USA

Harrison Barnes Dunks On Murica

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John Wall Throws Down Putback On Team USA

More from the Team USA scrimmage (we’re busting our ass to show you every part of this game worth seeing or your money back!). This time, it’s ever-dancing point guard John Wall doing his Blake Griffin impression, coming from the baseline to slam home Klay Thompson’s miss. You know what I’m happy about? Everyone seems to be invited to this game. It’s like the best birthday party ever, where no one in the 4th grade class feels leftout for not being invited. Stevie Walker always thought he was so great. Just invite the cool kids, he said. Well, I was cool enough. If I was in the NBA, Coach K would’ve invited me!

Rodman Has A Kids Book?

Mettas Comedy Tour. Really.

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John Wall Set To Sign Max Deal

The Washington Wizards and John Wall are set to sign a max extension any day now, sources confirm. The deal will be in the 5 year $80 million range, and will uphold the team’s faith in him when they drafted him #1 overall a few years back. Now it’s Wall’s turn to live up to this vote of confidence. And the best way to do that? Maybe consider staying on the court. When you see “Wizards Home Game 8pm,” don’t misread that as “Training Room for Boo Boos 8pm,” or “Stay Home And Rub On Bengay 8pm.” Those are all pretty easy to confuse, I know. But it’s the attention to the little things that gets you where you want to be in life.

Cowboy Warning In Texas

Metta Has A Comedy Tour Now

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